Worn Items

You want to buy worn items?
– Pantyhose, Knee Highs or Panty –

Send me an e-mail with your specific request and you’re closer to your goal.

What should your e-mail include:

– What do you want to buy? A pantyhose, a pair of knee highs or a panty?
– How long should the item have been worn?
– Only applies to pantyhose: worn with or without panties?
– Only applies to hosiery: Should I wear a special shoe?
– Only applies to hosiery: Do you value a certain brand?

Do you have any other wishes, then just let me know.

I will tell you the price by e-mail, because it depends on the factors mentioned above and results from your wishes.

If I do not reply within 5 working days, please send me a reminder.

Send your request here